Streamline response plans + improve compliance

计划是否由公司政策或监管机构强制执行, 有效的应对计划可以减少紧急情况对员工的影响, the environment and assets. We develop response plans for every industry and operation. 皇家88账户注册些计划结合了具体的行动和一致的最佳实践程序,显著提高了质量, accessibility and accuracy of response planning programs.

Multi-Location Facility Emergency Action Plans

虽然具体地点的信息在应急行动计划中很重要, 标准化的方法确保满足监管要求,并传达公司的最佳实践和政策. 皇家88娱乐与您合作,制定全公司范围内,24/7可访问的紧急行动计划 SMARTPLAN™ application, which improves accessibility, 一致性和计划维护-确保更好的合规性和更有效的计划.

Hurricane Planning

Hurricanes can produce large-scale destruction every year, 制定一个有效的计划来保护员工和资产——并最大限度地发挥作用——是至关重要的 business continuity efforts. 皇家88娱乐的飓风计划为即将到来的风暴的每个阶段提供了可编辑的准备清单, along with position specific checklists. 皇家88娱乐的SMARTPLAN™应用程序集成了您的应急响应和业务连续性计划, improving the ability for employers to respond effectively.

Office + Building Emergency Action Plans

职业安全与健康管理局(OSHA)要求雇主在超过10名员工的情况下制定书面的紧急行动计划. 皇家88娱乐帮助制定皇家88账户注册些紧急行动计划,确定具体的现场行动,以减少暴露和提高火灾安全, security issues, severe weather and other potentially devastating scenarios.

School Emergency Operations Plans

学校应急计划必须不断更新,以反映各种威胁, such as natural disasters, terrorist attacks, violent incidents on campuses and public health emergencies, including pandemic events. 皇家88娱乐帮助大学和K-12校园为皇家88账户注册些情况制定计划,以尽量减少风险和暴露, while maximizing safety of students and personnel. 皇家88娱乐的计划,基于国家事件管理系统(NIMS)指南,利用皇家88娱乐SMARTPLAN™学校应急管理软件,集成数据库技术,简化应急计划和优化计划维护.

Oil Spill + SPCC Plans

管理和确保遵守防溢漏措施的挑战, 针对多个设施的控制和对策(SPCC)计划可能很复杂. 溢油应急计划和准备是满足监管要求的必要条件, protect the environment, and ensure the best possible response. Our comprehensive planning services together with our SMARTPLAN™ technology satisfy OPA 90 and other regulations for oil and gas, refining, manufacturing, pipeline, utilities, chemical and other industries. We have developed Response Plans for over 1,000 facilities.

Fire Pre-Plans

火灾每年造成数十亿美元的财产损失和不必要的伤亡. Fire pre-plans, utilizing our SMARTPLAN™ technology, 处理特定地点的信息,以有效应对火灾并减少暴露. 皇家88账户注册些计划为建筑物提供了详细的响应数据和关键信息, process equipment and storage tanks. 皇家88娱乐的火灾前应对计划可以很容易地与互助公司和其他响应者共享, allowing for a unified and cohesive response.

Onsite Incident Management Support

灾难和其他灾难性事件会极大地压力或超出组织的响应能力. 高效的事件管理团队对于优化响应至关重要. 皇家88娱乐经验丰富的事件管理团队可以在公司现场帮助管理复杂的事件, coalition, local, state or tribal level. 皇家88娱乐的专家能够促进和管理事件目标、策略、工作流程和文档. 皇家88娱乐还可以管理您的事后审查,以帮助减少再次发生的可能性. In addition, we work with your leadership team, providing guidance and support to shape response effectively.